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THE WORLD IS A SAFE PLACE, trilogy author originally from a small town in Iowa, White is a forward-thinking global citizen and businessman who has lived and worked in 22 countries during his career in the entertainment industry. After working as a senior executive for high profile companies like Blockbuster Video, Universal Music Group and currently as a VP at Paramount Studios, White has developed a keen eye for spotting everyday miracles and has trained himself to see the world in a very unique way, the same way he hopes millions of others will also.

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Here's a selected excerpt from the book:

That little boy is me. And as I write this account of that particular nap -- that moment in time many years ago--I rmember very distinctly what happened during it. As I lay in my mother and father's large bed, I had a sense, an ethereal feeling that something was going to change my life forever. My mother was breathing softly and slowly while she slept.

I noticed the embroidered floral pattern of the blood-red draperies. They puddled on the floor like heavy show-curtains on the stage of a long-forgotten vaudeville theatre. I looked toward the textured, light-pink-colored west wall.

No paintings or decorations were hanging there. As my gaze focused in the center of the wall, a small, white circle of light began to form. At first it looked like a puff of smoke, but then it sparkled and radiated light like a crystal snowflake when caressed by the sun rays against the backdrop of a crulean sky. Stay tuned for a fascinating conversation.

The World Is A Safe Place by Jim White
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