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Bryan Hubbard is one of the UK’s most innovative journalists and publishers. A newspaper journalist by training and former Financial Times editor, in 1989 he launched his own publishing company, and co-founded (with wife Lynne McTaggart) the prestigious What Doctors Don’t Tell You, which has been described as the world’s leading health newsletter. WDDTY has been applauded by most major UK newspapers such as the London Times and Observer for the quality and consistently excellent in-depth reporting on the risks and dangers of conventional medicine and proven alternatives.

As CEO of a variety of the partnership’s companies, Hubbard was also instrumental in publishing Living the Field, the 48-part course on miraculous living based on McTaggart’s book The Field. A philosophy graduate with a degree from University College London, Hubbard first developed his Time-Light program after dissatisfaction with most explanations of why people cannot escape from past-patterns and has presented his unique theories before workshop groups in various countries. He lives in London with his wife and their two daughters.

More about What Doctors Don't Tell You...
What Doctors Don't Tell You is a health journal that is published every month. It is available only by subscription and it cannot be bought on the news-stands. It is published by WDDTY Publishing Ltd., a private company.

As a health information resource, we cannot offer advice on any specific problem. Instead, we offer general information that may be helpful in finding the right treatment for you. You shouldn't start, stop or alter any therapy without first consulting with a qualified health practitioner.

The first issue of What Doctors Don't Tell You appeared at the end of 1989. It grew from a sense of frustration with conventional medicine, and a desire to tell others about its short-comings and dangers. It was started by award-winning journalist Lynne McTaggart and her husband, Bryan Hubbard, also a senior journalist.

Lynne had suffered from a mysterious illness for around five years, during which time she had passed through a medical odyssey of conventional, alternative and strange treatments. She encountered treatments that either didn't work or were dangerous.

Before launching What Doctors Don't Tell You, Lynne had worked closely with the legendary Dr Robert Mendelsohn in America, who was one of the first doctors to blow the whistle on medical practices. Since its launch all those years ago, What Doctors Don't Tell You has been acknowledged as one of the world's very best health newsletters by several commentators, including leading publisher and health campaigner Burton Goldberg, leading holistic healer Dr John Diamond and the Holistic Health Library.

Here're some of their comments (they're all genuine and the originals can be viewed at our offices):

"What Doctors contains just the sort of medical information I was looking for, and which is very diffifcult to obtain elsewhere" - P.E., Surrey

"As a medical doctor, I am really pleased with What Doctors..., my sincere good wishes for the special work that you are doing" - Dr. M.S., Beirut

What Doctors Don't Tell You by Bryan Hubbard
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