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The Soul Genome

Paul Von Ward Interdisciplinary Cosmologist and Independent Scholar
A pilot project initiated by Paul Von Ward in early 2005 involves a scientific approach to answering such questions. Reported in his new book, The Soul Genome: Science and Reincarnation, the project evaluates various cases, examines alternative explanations, and considers their implications. The project Reincarnation Experiment completed tests of a theoretical model that suggests human reproduction (and probably that of other species) involves an info-energetic psychoplasm that encompasses the physical genome.

His book and the project's evolving web site invite public testing of the methodology and help in refinement of the model. While there is still much work to be done, the preliminary evidence highlighted in the book raises some tantalizing issues, including the origin of the knowledge and skills of prodigies in music, mathematics, and other fields.

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The Latin-based word "reincarnation" and its antecedents in Greek, Sanskrit, Bantu, and many other languages have focused conversations in all cultures for millennia. But what do they really mean?

Most concepts of reincarnation emphasize its role in a spiritual realm. Some books have led to a view that reincarnation involves only special cases of distinctive physical markings, unexplained memories, or a trauma from a previous life that can be healed in this one. Even secular discussions of reincarnation often use mystical terms, unrelated to everyday life.

The different forms of alleged evidence for reincarnation have never been subjected to a mainstream, scientific examination of the possibility that it may be a natural phenomenon. Wouldn't it make sense that if the Dalai Lama or other special cases indicate some form of past-life links, it is equally likely that all of us are influenced by the same process? Given the widespread reports of hypothetical cases, could "reincarnation" be a universal aspect of Homo sapiens' physical and conscious evolution?

The Soul Genome by Paul Von Ward, MPA & MSc
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