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Tim is a philosopher or ‘lover of wisdom’ who is pioneering a simple new way to experience a profound spiritual awakening, which fully embraces our everyday humanity. He has spent his life exploring the awakened state he often simply calls ‘The Mystery Experience’.

Tim has articulated his own revolutionary ‘philosophy of lucid living’ designed to help people go beyond ideas and actually experience a ‘deep awake’ state, which replaces out-dated spiritual jargon with clear new concepts which are simple to understand.

He has also developed a profoundly simple ‘Mystery of the Moment’ attention technique and a number of powerful ‘I to I’ practices, which quickly awaken practitioners to ‘The Mystery Experience’ and help them commune with others in oneness and ‘Big Love’.

Bestselling Author

Tim has an honours degree in philosophy and is an internationally respected authority on world spirituality. He is the author of over thirty books that have established his reputation as a scholar and free-thinker.

He is best known for his groundbreaking work on Christian Gnosticism with his close friend Peter Gandy, including The Jesus Mysteries, which was a top 10 best-seller in the UK and USA, and a ‘Book of the Year’ in the UK Daily Telegraph. In recent years he has articulated his own ‘lucid philosophy’ in The Laughing Jesus, Lucid Living, and How Long is Now?

Standup Philosopher

Tim is also an innovative ‘stand-up philosopher’ – a concept he developed from the ancient idea of a philosopher as a traveling ‘spiritual entertainer’ who transformed people’s consciousness.

He is a passionate and playful communicator, whose enthusiasm for life is contagious. He is often featured in documentary films and chat shows broadcast by the global media, such as the BBC and the History Channel. Tim is the founder of The Alliance for Lucid Living, (The ALL), an organization dedicated to our collective awakening. He lives with his wife Debbie and their two children in Glastonbury, England.

More about Lucid Living...
Lucid Living presents the ancient wisdom of awakening in a funky new way. The author - an internationally-respected authority on world mysticism - shares seven life-transforming insights that wake us up from the numbness we call 'normality', so we experience how mysterious and miraculous existence really is. Simple, inspirational, utterly unique - and destined to become a modern spiritual classic.

"One of the most approachable books on the true nature of the self I've come across. Everyone should read it." -- Peter Russell, Author of From Science to God and The Global Brain Awakens

"The greatest wisdom of the ages and how to become ONE with it in a book one can easily read." -- Patrick Wells, Associate producer of I Love You to Death staring Keanu Reeves

Lucid Living takes us to that place of wisdom that lies dormant in everyone. -- Larry Dossy, MD, Author: The Extraordinary Healing Power of Ordinary Things

Lucid Living by Timothy Freke
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