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Quantum Physics and Consciousness Blended

Author of many books including Taking the Quantum Leap, Parallel Universes, The Dreaming Universe, The Eagle's Quest, The Spiritual Universe, Mind into Matter, Matter into Feeling ,The Yoga of Time Travel: How the Mind Can Defeat Time, and his latest book Dr. Quantum Presents, A Little Book of Big Ideas. .

Fred Alan Wolf is a physicist, writer, and lecturer who earned his Ph.D. in theoretical physics at UCLA in 1963. He continues to write, lecture throughout the world, and conduct research on the relationship of quantum physics to consciousness. He is the National Book Award Winning author of Taking the Quantum Leap. He is a member of the Martin Luther King, Jr.
Collegium of Scholars.

Dr. Wolf has taught at the University of London, the University of Paris, the Hahn-Meitner Institute for Nuclear Physics in Berlin, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and San Diego State University in the United States. His work in quantum physics and consciousness is well known through his popular and scientific writing. He is the author of eleven books.

More about Mind Into Matter...
How refreshing to have a scientist put the emphasis on the individual-where it belongs! Wolf has written a glorious entertainment for the mind that matters. --
Kenneth Ring, Ph.D.
I consider Fred Alan Wolf one of the most important pioneers in the field of consciousness. This book could change the way you perceive the world. --
Deepak Chopra, M.D.
Once again, physicist Fred Alan Wolf takes us on a magical mystery tour into the adventure land of science and spirit . . . both enthralling and energizing.... --
Michael Toms

Alchemists of old attempted to make sense of the universe--to discover the connection between mind and matter. Some of today's scientists, in particular quantum physicists, are doing the same. In his latest contribution to the study of consciousness, physicist Fred Alan Wolf reveals what he calls the new alchemy-- a melding of the ideas of the old alchemists and the new scientists to reach a fuller understanding of the mind and matter.

Mind Into Matter by Fred Alan Wolf, PhD
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