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Your Host Bryan Flournoy

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Bryan's Mission Statement:
The Visionary Series started out as a personal quest to reawaken an inner spiritual sense that wained. I was nostalgiac for my youth and that simple clear faith instilled by my dad, an apostolic pastor and evangelist. And although these spiritual ideas were meant to be life-long tools to sustain my inner growth, I gradually sensed a void compelling me to search for more.

During this period of deep introspection, I noticed mainstream media presenting intuition in a whole new light; and suddenly it was natural to join in this neo-spiritual movement discovering inherent abilities through my newfound interest in metaphysics, coming to know over time that I'd need real root knowledge to advance my efforts in a format to share with anyone.

It wasn't long after that, I had dreamed up the idea of calling authors for a one-on-one discussion over their books and workshops, as if we were friends or colleagues catching-up to exchange ideas through a casual call. Needless to say, speaking directly with authors intensified my understanding, especially when scheduled calls synchronistically touched on themes and ideas I'd been contemplating before hand about my own life.

As a result I coordinated a pretty thorough cirriculum with participation from quite a few visionaries in our time. Now, I invite you to have your own experience exploring a variety of themes by way of Archived Teleseminars at "Making It All Click -- Visionary Series," a compilation of some of my favorite conversations.

Regarding this seminar's theme, Embracing Spiritual Technology, 3-D isn't a human condition but a spiritual technology unto itself as unique opportunity to expand upon a Universe always evolving, surprisingly from a perspective that appears rather limited. The question becomes, how do we get the most of our experience through 3-D without canceling 3-D out?

There's more to be said about about this, but the following conversations say it better.

Also, it's no coincidence that some of our guests (below) are directly or indirectly connected with the hit movies, "What The Bleep" and "The Secret," two films that started conversations about some of the more authentic ancient spiritual technologies from different points of view, one being more theoretical and the other a bit more practical, with a contemporary slant.

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Embracing Practical Spiritual Technology